Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Tim greeted the students with a talk explaining his initial results from the Geophysical survey. The talk was extremely interesting and suggested that there might be a hidden wing of the Upper House in the old Archery Range and also a walled structure or pathway might be under the back of the Lower House. The students then had a lecture by Margaret Dunn, who came to talk about Dendrochronology- the study of dating locations with trees. While this was happening, Tim spoke to me and Mark about the discoveries from his survey and suggested interesting locations to place test pits. After this, Tim and Emrys left... I'm sure they'd be happy to hear that everyone misses their company, especially Emrys! By this time, the students had left their lecture. Margaret's talk gave an interesting insight to the dating of sites by simply surveying their surroundings and left after their morning tea break at 11:20. The students were fascinated with what Margaret had to say and found her very pleasant company.

Some of the finds so far!
After tea, Margaret took a personal tour of the site with Mark, and left shortly afterwards. Mark then planned from this where we should start digging our test pits and the students categorised their findings to date in chronological order until the later afternoon and eventually followed him down to the back yard of the Lower House and plotted their three test pits all 1 metre squared and scratched away at the surface. Not much was excavated however as the students ended up going down at 4:00 with their day ending at 5:30. I’m really excited to see what comes up!!

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