Saturday, 10 August 2013

Day 3 at Plas Brynkir

The day began early at 9:00 again, beginning with a talk and Mark's departure from the site. I was in charge and had to split the group into half, one to carry on clearing the ground in the morning, and the other to help Tim with the geophysics. The two groups of four were then split into twos, the pairs clearing worked from both ends of the bottom terrace and cleared  up until they met in the middle. The groups then swapped over following lunch. They did a very good job and you can now see a lot of the terraces and how they were arranged.

Yesterday saw the beginning of the Geophysical survey with Tim. I really enjoyed taking part and learnt a lot about the process of archaeology. As a keen photographer, I also took a  interest in the idea of electric signals creating something similar to a black and white photograph or an x-ray image of the ground. Tim took the students around the terraces and surveyed the area to find any lost structures and managed quite impressively to do the whole thing! The results are in the process of being composed, I'm very excited to see what the earth is hiding from us. The students worked until 7:00 PM, they were that eager!

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