Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Day 5: The day they dug!

The students were really excited to go down to the Lower House to work on their test pits, so much so they all rushed out of bed and ran down to the site! ... well it played that way in my mind! I mean, they are students after all! In all seriousness, they were quite excited to crack on and do some "real Archaeology". The day went very quickly, but unfortunately they didn’t reveal anything amazing and new. All pits revealed lots of pottery fragments and bits of glass dating back to the Victorian and late Georgian eras, we were not disappointed as today we were mostly aiming at breaking the surface and getting stuck into it. It's early days! Tomorrow we are expecting to extend the successful test pits and create trenches which the students are looking forward to.

Today also saw the arrival of Nigel Bowen-Morris, Love My Wales’s newest Trustee! He's an absolutely charming man and will be staying with us in the Hostel for a few days. He's visiting to catch up with the work that Love My Wales has been up to. We also welcomed Sarah Doherty, the co-director of the dig. It’s always nice to have new people come to stay.

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