Thursday, 15 August 2013

Day 6 at Plas Brynkir

The day began with the students going down to the Lower House to continue on their test pits. From results found yesterday, it was time for the well positioned pits to be extended into the student's first trenches! The students dug until 11:00, when they enjoyed a small break and went back down until 13:00 when they came back for their lunch. While they were eating, Bettina Harden came up to see the site and give a lecture on historic Welsh gardens. The lecture started at 14:00 (after some complications with the projector!) and went on until 15:30, when everyone left the Training Room and settled for tea and cakes, leaving Mark, Sarah and Bettina to tour the grounds.

The day resumed as normal and the students went down to the site and continued digging. Some interesting results cropped up towards the end of the day, Alex found a flowerbed and pathway in his trench, which is an exciting discovery! In the mean time, we were greeted by David Will, who came to do 3D renders of the site and trenches for the open day! He will be with us on and off for the duration of the dig. Of course, the students were able to meet their new house-mate at 5:30 when they came back from the trenches.
The flowerbed trench!

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