Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Day 11 at Brynkir!

Warren came back this morning and we all went to Dolbenmaen Castle where Llewelyn the Great, one of the Princes of Gwynedd held his court in the 1220s until his move to Criccieth Castle in 1230. The students also learnt of the different mortar styles through the centuries, looking at a 19th century church which was a rebuild from a much earlier church opposite the castle. We moved on to Penarth Fawr, a 13th-14th century manor house, identical to our Upper House. It is Very similar stylistically and in very good condition following its rebuild in 1656 following a fire which was ignited on Cromwell's orders. I loved how white and pristine the lime-wash was and knowing how the Upper House would have looked in the late medieval period brought a whole new dimension to the project in my opinion.

So the students came back and worked on their trenches. The Geophysics results have really influenced this dig and made it very exciting! Jess stopped drawing her plans and got in her amazing trench to dig away at Trench E and Jay went on to do the stone survey. We were also greeted by a local archaeologist called Bitt Jones who took a tour of the site.

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