Monday, 9 September 2013

Day 20

At last the 30th is here, the day of the big open day! We didn't know what to expect today, but it was a great success! We started off by having the BBC here who did a live broadcast for Radio 1 to advertise the Open Day. It was a great help as we had over 60 people come from the local area! A lot came with their own memories of the site and varying age groups, which is always nice to see. We had lots of interest in our pull up displays which I am very pleased with as I put a lot of effort into them. The students couldn't be split into groups like before so it was all very casual with tours, luckily we had the help of Megan, a local girl who offered to do the welsh tours for us. This was very handy as we had a lot of Welsh speakers come to the open day. I feel it went very well and everyone got a tour. We were also visited by a local woman who had photographs of the Lower House from 1990, it serves as a good document of how the site has degraded over the last 20 years, so we were glad to have them.

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