Monday, 9 September 2013

Day 13

We were visited by a representative of the Gwynedd Archaeological Trust who came to make sure that the site was being managed in a proper manner. We passed and were very happy to hear that we are doing really well. It's always nice to be complimented for good work. The students had some exciting finds including a stretch of cobbled flooring which has stump posts. It's very interesting and is possibly a medieval feature which surprisingly was only just under the surface. You can see a drain pipe too which was put in there in the 1940s which unfortunately means that some of the flooring was destroyed to fit this in. The students also found some 17th Century glazed pottery, which is a very early find! Although in my opinion, the best find was a foundation stone of the Upper House, otherwise known as a Basel Stone which was found in Trench E. The Students in Trench F spent their time cleaning stones. The evidence found so far at Brynkir is suggesting that the Archery Range at the Upper House is where the Hunting Lodge for the Deer Park was. We have also been researching into the written texts of Brynkir and have had some transcriptions done by students who wanted to do indoor work and have found evidence to suggest that the Lower House was built onto an earlier structure, which William Huddart recalled. We also found references of the Greaves family referring to the Lower House as the "Tudor Building". It's all very exciting and it gave Mark a lot to talk about in his lecture which he gave to the students in preparation for tomorrow's open day!

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