Monday, 9 September 2013

Day 15

Its a sad time when a trench gets filled in. Trench G was showing very few results and was filled in, I suppose it was for the best though. Alex and James recorded it, photographed it, planned and sectioned the Trench before burying it. They then moved down to Trench D at the Lower House and continued on with that as we were concious that the secondary school students might want to use the archery range, however they have yet to use it. In the mean time, Trench H was recorded by Chloe and Cat. Nothing much exciting in regards to find as of yet however. I'm sure there will be soon though, got to keep up the morale and go through it. We saw Ceri again today, she came with more reproduction artworks of the Lower House and arranged with Mark to have a reproduction image of the Upper House detailing the gatehouse in around 1700. Really excited to see what she makes!

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