Monday, 9 September 2013

Day 19

The students really felt the burn today. Lots of things to do on what is technically their last day. Some again were cleaning finds and others were recording their trenches and filling in the completed ones for next year. There's lots to do though and I think it might have to run into tomorrow's open day. This would be unideal but on the other hand, it is nice for the visitors to see what work goes on at an archaeological dig. Antonia Dewhurst also came today to give a talk about her photography and art projects that she has going on. I really liked the talk as I myself am really into the technical aspects of photography.

We all then went to Aberdunant to enjoy an end of dig meal, Antonia also came along! Aberdunant was actually where the last Brynker, Jane Brynker died in 1760. So its a very relevant place to eat!

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