Monday, 21 April 2014

Stephen Donelly talks of the beautiful Palace Theatre, Swansea

The Palace has been many things to many people since 1888. It's roof has provided shelter to thousands, whether as a venue for vaudeville performance, as Jingles In the 80's and a Techno/Dance club in the 90’s. As Swansea City Centre gets remapped, rebuilt and modernised into a 'European Boulevard City', The Palace's continued presence on High Street stands as an important reminder of the City's culture and the debt it owes to it's past.

In January Swansea Council reported they have had continued to ‘positive confidential discussions’ with the owners of the Palace Theatre Building. A recent feasibility report carried out on the building by the council suggested that returning it to a theatre would be unrealistic because of the structure and current safety regulations, but did suggest other uses.

As of April Swansea Council made grant funding of £75,000 available to the Palace owners to help support the urgent work to help begin urgent repair work to the building, which is a great positive step forwards after years of neglect. Lets hope this is just the first of many positive moves which lead to finding a long-term sustainable reuse for the building, and that further deterioration is stopped sooner rather than later.

Blog written kindly by Stephen Donelly from the Save the Palace Theatre

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