Thursday, 6 June 2013

St. Lukes, Abercarn

St Lukes is an abandoned grade II* listed church in Abercarn, Caerphilly, South Wales. The church is a very large and impressive building demonstrating a great example of modern architecture. This large church was designed by John Coates Carter (1859-1927), a famous Welsh architect during his later years around 1924-6 out of an unusual mix of local sandstone and reinforced concrete. Unfortunately, it was left to ruin in 1980 after prolonged issues with the roof and severe subsidence despite the building of a replacement roof in 1958 to counter these issues. St. Luke’s is of architectural significance because it demonstrates Carter’s “finest moment” and is “an important building in terms of UK Modernism”. It is a rare example Carter’s later works in which he broke away from historic themes and new building methods and modern style which now stands as a sad case of neglect. The damaged roof and the lack of windows, doors and water goods are putting the surrounding walls and floors in danger of deterioration despite their current strong condition. Evidence of criminal activity within the abandoned premises is now putting the local area and people at risk, clearly the restoration of this magnificent building will help revive the area and bring a much deserved sense of local heritage back.
The impressive looming tower still standing triumphantly

Detail of some of the vandalism at St. Lukes

Detail of water damage caused by the lack of Water-goods.

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