Friday, 21 June 2013

Penrhos, Anglesey- Landscape at risk

Penrhos is an historic park and garden, which used to surround the mansion the Owen family. It passed into the hands of Sir John Thomas Stanley, who had married Margaret Owen in 1763 and remained with the Stanleys until just after WWII. Much of the Penrhos’s development was during the first decade of the 19th century including buildings now listed at Grade II and the surrounding woodlands. During the 1960s, the main house was demolished.

Since 1972, 200 acres of Penrhos was opened as a nature reserve (the whole of which spans 600 acres!) by its current owner Anglesea Aluminium Metals Ltd. It is the third most popular site for tourists and is full of interesting wildlife and plant life, some of which were planted over 200 years ago. Penrhos is now at risk as its prospective purchaser, a company called Land & Lakes, have submitted a planning application to deforest a large portion of the nature reserve in order to build a  holiday park which will include 487 buildings, access roads, and footpaths. The plans will not only greatly disturb local wildlife, it will restrict public access to a large section of historic woodlands and will lose the integrity of this heritage asset. Penrhos represents great historic and eco-logical importance; it was even designated as a Regionally Important and Geomorphological Site in 2009 and also falls under Anglesey’s status as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). This calls for the “the unique landscape, natural beauty and special qualities of the Isle of Anglesey AONB” to be “conserved and enhanced for the benefit of present and future generations”. Such a plan to destroy and build upon this land goes against its status and is not allowed.

At present, the plans for Penrhos are being processed and the decision will be made at the end of summer. Locals and people further afield have signed 3 petitions with over 3500 signatories and 60 or so letters of objection have been submitted the deadline for objection letters is the 26th June 2013. Anyone who wishes to write to the planning committee should do so before the deadline and include the title “Penrhos Coastal Park/Cae Glas/Kingsland Holyhead Planning Application” and quote the reference number “46C427K/TR//EIA/ECON”. Remember to check out Savepenrhos Reserve Facebook Page ( and Save PENRHOS Nature Reserve Holyhead ( for more info. Every letter helps!

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  1. Thank you for Highlighting the great risk to our Beautiful Penrhos Nature Reserve here on Holy Island. If these plans go ahead it will be tragic. I live in one of the most deprived areas in Wales, Morawelon Council estate, were there is the highest proportion of housholders with no cars. Penrhos Nature Reserve is the only free amenity within walking distance of the etstate and is used daily promoting mental wellbeing for all. The decision for the plans is now the 31st July. We just hope our Councillors who are on the planning committee have read the contentious plans, listen to their constituent and refuse these contentious plans.

    Hilary Paterson-Jones
    'Save Penrhos Nature Park Holyhead'
    Facebook page