Thursday, 21 November 2013

Liz Bolloten, a Conwy artist

I had the very real pleasure of visiting Plas Brynkir earlier this year. I had already put together some watercolours of the site, and when there was opportunity to visit, I jumped at it. Just experiencing it in all its faded grandeur inspired me further. Two important books are out this year. Mark Baker's book: Y plas (on the Welsh Country House) and Timothy James book: Crumbling Historic Houses. These books are very relevant in drawing attention to what is our heritage, and history, and if these sites are lost forever, we ourselves are diminished. As for me I am always looking for excuses to paint old buildings and would welcome opportunities to do so. I feel a great need to record their beauty as a historic reference: that they were indeed here and have absorbing stories to tell.

 These beautiful paintings are available from Love My Wales as postcards for £2.50 and as prints ordered from Liz directly for £30 plus £5 postage. Originals are £250 each

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